Welcome to the New Age Union Wiki

This is the official wiki of the NAU (New Age Union), the most prestigious Terran/Pixie-oriented republic to be established in Free Realms. This wiki has been made for the purpose of displaying accurate history about the NAU and other factions/organizations born in FreeRealms. The wiki is currently in its early stages of development, which means that beneficial contributions are heavily appreciated.

The intentional mutilation of any page on this wiki will result in the culprit being blocked for an amount of time that varies depending on the severity of their actions. With that said, anyone who has had their contributions tampered with should report it to me.

All factions from Free Realms and those who were outside of Free Realms are free to be a part of this wiki. No one will be segregated based on their background. With that, enjoy our site.

Current News

The NAU, after claiming victory over the terrorists from The Rebellion Clan and Silent Shadows Unit, now resides in its designated relocation sites. Rumors about our forces, however, are ongoing. Officials are looking into this situation currently.

Latest activity

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